I ran into @jennatechLED on the Twitterverse.   So I checked out their site, and guess what?  They have awesome LED lighting setups for your Jeep, Motorcycle, or whatever you want to ride or light up!  Oh, the other thing, these LED’s won’t break the bank.  They are water proof though, so water can’t ruin the show!


These lights have me thinking it’s time for an upgrade or two in the lighting department.  What I want to know is who’s coming with me.  Check out their site Here!  Scroll down for Off-Road Lighting! Ordering begins Tomorrow!


Offroad Jeep Girl Takes On KOH! Live Stream of the 2015 Event!

Live Stream of 2015 King Of The Hammers!

For those not familiar with the Annual King Of The Hammers Race, check out the video below.  Hailed as  one of “The Ten Toughest Motor Races In The World“. King of the Hammers is an off-road race that combines desert racing and rock crawling. This race is held in February on Means Dry Lake at Johnson Valley, California USA

Recent Podcast from

In this episode, we interview a rookie competitor in this year’s King of the Hammers competition. Gina Guccione discovered the world of off-road travel a few years ago after buying her first Jeep. She wasted little time diving in and modifying her Jeep to allow for tackling the tougher trails in her local off-road parks. In March of last year she purchased her second Jeep, a bone stock 97 TJ, and well… we will let her explain the obstacles she has faced thus far to get her Classy Pink Jeep ready to compete in one of the most challenging and technical competitions held in the United States.

Offroad Jeep Girl is running a Crowdfunding Campaign to get up some cash for the trip, it’s 1700 miles 1 Way of travel for her and her crew! She’s going in RV and towing her rig which is in the final stages of build up before the event!  Michigan Jeep Girl is going with her for Pit Crew Support, and has agreed to take my GoPro’s to capture footage of the adventure, the race, and behind the scenes of the event!

In support of them and their endeavor I have committed to contributing $5.00 for any DirtyJeepGirls Calendar Contribution to their Campaign from here to the end of my Campaign.

The Raffle is over congratulations to the lucky winners, revealed here!  

Follow her blog as she updates often on upgrades and final preparations for the race!

OffRoad Jeep Girl Blog


Most of all, support these two Real Life Dirty Jeep Girls as they live their dreams and accept the challenge that is King Of The Hammers!


Offroad Jeep Girl

The Video Below is of Michigan Jeep Girl Opening up the Package I sent containing pretty much my entire GoPro Kit for her and crew to document Gina’s First King Of The Hammers run!  I’m hoping she will get some footage on the trip out, behind the scenes race prep, starting line and footage of Gina during the race!  I included a Hero 2 & Hero 3, WiFi Pack for Hero 2, WiFi Remote, and enough Memory Cards to record 24 Hrs of footage.  Since the race is 200 Miles long, we can’t get the whole thing, but maybe the best parts!  I think it’s great what these two are doing for the female Jeep community, and I want to prove, that you need to go beyond appearances and not judge a book by it’s cover.  If that cover has a hot girl with a Jeep on it, you can bet, it’s a going to be a pretty good book though.

~Michigan Jeep Girl~
Michigan Jeep Girl

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Exes For Eyes ~ Tongues Like Figure Eights

Check out this music video of my favorite song off the new Exes For Eyes  Album Tongues Like Figure Eights!  You can download the entire album on their website, you can stream their album but support these guys their album is a $1.00 !!!!!  Not a song, the album!  Maybe next year they will consider shooting with me and #MadMaxJeep in a post-apocalyptic background.   Who knows?

Exex For Eyes Tongues Like Figure Eights
Exes For Eyes Tongues Like Figure Eights

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